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Quand Rolex réinvente son plus grand classique, ça passe ou ça casse. Si, au début, la Submariner Hulk en a surpris plus d'un, elle se fraie aujourd'hui un chemin parmi les must-have de la marque Rolex Hulk: Rolex Submariner 116610LV Guide. The model number of the Rolex hulk is 116610LV. The full model name is Rolex Submariner 116610, and the fact is that the name Hulk has never been used by Rolex themselves, but rather by collectors who have seen similarities between the green dial and green bezel, with the Hulk «Sur le marché de l'occasion, c'est la référence 14060, dont la production a été arrêtée par Rolex, qui est la plus recherchée, en raison de son cadran et de ses aiguilles « Tritium.

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  1. But if you view The Rolex Hulk 116610LV as merely an update of the Kermit as Rolex appears to, you'll notice that this particular line has therefore been in production for nearly 20 years. That's a long time for an anniversary piece, and you wouldn't blame Rolex for pulling the plug and starting again in time for the next anniversary
  2. At Global Watch Shop, we understand from various sources at Rolex that the Rolex Submariner Hulk is discontinued, and production of this model has been ceased. This means that only stock already produced and either held within the Rolex Authorised Dealer Network or ready for distribution into the network is going to be made available for sale
  3. Si votre Rolex a été produite avant 2005, le numéro de série de votre montre Rolex se trouve obligatoirement gravé sur le boîtier entre les deux cornes du bas (à 6h). Si elle a été produite entre 2005 et 2008, le numéro de série se trouve alors aussi parfois gravé sur le réhaut de la montre (voir photos)
  4. In 2003 the Submariner reference 16610LV was introduced, production subsequently ended circa 2010 meaning this piece is a historical piece. So it is an old watch with limited production and no longer available. Great, these are all hallmarks of a piece that will appreciate in value. The disadvantage though is that the time that has already elapsed has increased the value of this watch already.
  5. Montre Rolex HULK Submariner 116610LV Céramique Full Set. Vends Rolex Submariner 116610 LV Céramique Full Set du 12/2010 d'une valeur de 7300€. Remise en main propre sur région parisienne ou envoi en vd Tel: 06 51 treize quinze 06 Uniquement par telephone Photo de la montre Rolex HULK Submariner 116610LV Céramique Full Set . 1/5: Photo de la montre Rolex HULK Submariner 116610LV.

Achetez des montres Rolex Submariner neuves ou d'occasion; Explorer notre collection et comparez Rolex Submariner les prix: Certifiees vintage Rolex Submariner , en or Rolex Submariner , platine Rolex Submariner, automatique Rolex Submariner,. Garantie et livraison gratuite | Chronoexper Rolex engraves or assigns a 4-6 digit model number to every watch type it produces. This number can be found engraved between the lugs on the side of the case above 12 o'clock. The model number can indicate the model type, bezel, and material of your watch Les montres Rolex Submariner d'occasion sont en effet très recherchées par les amateurs, qu'il s'agisse d'ailleurs des derniers modèles ou de modèles qui ne sont plus en production aujourd'hui. D'autant plus que Rolex a augmenté ces derniers temps, ses prix de manière significative. Exemple : un modèle Submariner 116610 LN neuf vaut à ce jour 7400€, ce qui représente une.

Rolex Submariner Hulk Review. Rolex decided to take a 'make it or break it long shot by reinventing their most classic Submariner watch. Today, the Rolex watch reference 116610LV, also known as the Hulk for its green hue is among many of the must-haves that the brand has to offer and is favored both by collectors and fashion trendsetters. All things great have an interesting beginning and. Rolex released a 50th anniversary submariner to celebrate the first 50 full years of Submariner success. The Submariner 16610LV, or the Kermit uses Rolex's brand color on just the bezel - sporting a black dial. The Rolex Submariner 11610LV followed the Submariner 1610LV model in 2010. The model was nicknamed the Hulk by the watch community. It garnered the nickname the Hulk. In fact, my Hulk has - dare I say it - become part of my personality. It'd be safe to say I've worn it 75% of the last year, and it's yet to skip a beat. If I've learnt anything over the past year about owning a Rolex Submariner, it would be how robust, reliable and consistent they are. If we're talking accuracy and timekeeping, over the past year, I've probably adjusted the. Acheter des Rolex Hulk en France ou dans le monde. Nouveautés tous les jours. Sauvegarder ses favorites & trouver sa montr Rolex Hulk: Doubling Down On Green. Side by side, it's easy to see why the Rolex Hulk is called the Hulk. First making an appearance in 2010, the green color is much more prominent on the Hulk ref. 116610LV then on the Rolex Kermit and is featured on both the bezel and dial. However, it's not as simple as just swapping out black for green, In fact, rather than having a plain glossy green.

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Au cœur de la Rolex Hulk se trouve le calibre automatique interne 3135, qui se caractérise particulièrement par sa haute précision et ses longs intervalles d'entretien. Le spiral Parachrom fabriqué par Rolex garantit une résistance maximale aux chocs du mouvement et protège la montre des fluctuations de température The Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV also brought along a brand new case known as the maxi. Gone were the, dare I say, industrially elegant lugs. Instead, the new case looks like it has never skipped leg day. With chunky, let's call them clumsy, lugs that could call a fly by night microbrand home, the unchanged 40mm diameter watc

La production est contingentée, les distributeurs ne les réservant souvent qu'à leurs meilleurs clients. En clair, il faut acheter une (voire deux) Rolex plus courante (Oyster Perpetual. Long before the debut of the Rolex Submariner Hulk, there came a slew of predecessors, most of them likewise known for their sturdy construction, premium features and striking designs. Meanwhile, unifying the entire range are some core specs like a water-resistant case with screw-down crown, and premium self-winding movement. But first, let's go back to 1953. That's when experienced diver. À son lancement, la montre Rolex Hulk n'a pas fait l'unanimité auprès des aficionados de la marque à la couronne. À l'heure actuelle, elle a conquis le cœur des collectionneurs et des amateurs de garde-temps de luxe d'occasion. En effet, cet accessoire de mode séduit par son caractère unique et sa remarquable qualité. Devenu un grand classique de la marque suisse, ce modèle.

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Rolex Submariner Watchmaking Demonstration: Watchfinder & Co. presents: Inside the Rolex Submariner, a demonstration of the intricacies of the Rolex calibre. Rolex Submariner HULK Green Ceramic Bezel Green Dial Box and... 18 799 € Professionnel certifié. 391. BE. Rolex Submariner Date Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV Hulk 18 000 € Vendeur particulier . FR. Rolex Oyster Submariner Steel Hulk Green Bezel 40 mm // NEW 2020. 20 950 € Professionnel certifié. 233. NL. Rolex Submariner Hulk Full Set. Prix sur demande. Professionnel certifié. Production could restart sooner than you think. Breitling is re-opening production in La Chaux-de-Fonds on Monday (story later today). Plus production for most brands slows down significantly every summer. I do not know if this is the case for Rolex, but there is a decent chance lost production can be caught up

Directly from Rolex, the Hulk will set you back £7,450. Interestingly, the Hulk is one of the models in the current Rolex range that will set you back more pre-owned than brand new. Due to high demand and lack of production supply, most preowned Hulk's will set you back around £11,000 - £12,000. This price may go even higher in certain regions, of for particular batch numbers While the 116610LN is still traded more frequently, the Hulk's activity is high relative to its production numbers. With the Hulk being a rare deviation from Rolex's unflinchingly consistent design language, and the only stainless steel Submariner ever produced that featured both a non-black dial and bezel, Rolex gave the model a good chance at becoming a recipe for success Gold 'Hulk' Submariner. Last but not least from Jenni is a 'Hulk' Submariner in 18-carat gold - a luxurious upgrade on the current Oystersteel version. The concept features a 40mm Oyster case with polished sides and a brushed finish on the top. Under the imaginary bonnet is Rolex's new Calibre 3235 with a 70-hour power reserve

The process for the Rolex Hulk production begins with a practical design, moves on to include only the best materials, and finally careful attention to the actual making of each watch. Even after the production phase is complete, there's still the quality assurance checks that the watch must undergo. This is true for the Hulk Rolex Gold as well as any of the other Submariners. Any minor flaw. The Submariner model went into production in 1953 and the design has remained largely unchanged over 60 years that is testament to the timeless style of the Rolex Submariner Rolex Hulk. There is simply no other place to start when looking at the aesthetic appeal of the Rolex Hulk than the very reason the watch carries this its nickname. The bold, vibrant, striking green colour of both the dial and the bezel simply demands attention. A watch whose personality is clear, and not for the shy or reserved, but will certainly make a statement. The roots of the Rolex.

Or, if you prefer: the Rolex Hulk. Introduced in 2010, it immediately fired the imagination of watch fans. The green isn't just eye-catching, it's fluid, going from bright to dark green in. The Rolex Submariner Date Hulk features a winding crown fitted with the patented Triplock triple waterproof system, a crown guard, and comes equipped with caliber 3135, an in-house movement boasting a power reserve of 48 hours. Despite it's aggressive colors, the Rolex Submariner Date Hulk is perfect for every occasion. A sports watch, first and foremost, it remains surprisingly. Utilisez notre tableau de numéros de série Rolex associés à la date de manufacture. Rolex numéros de série et dates de production; Date de production Numéro de série; 2009 - Present: G/Caractéres aléatoires * Dec 08 - 2010: V 000,001: Jan 08 - Nov 08: M 000,001: Juillet 06-Dec 07: Z 000,001 : Jan 05-Juillet 06: D 000,001: Jan 04: F 000,001: Sept 02: Y 000,001: Août 01: K. By 1953, Rolex was ready to begin production and testing. But they needed a way to get the word out about the company's ability to produce water-resistant watches. They came up with an ingenious but somewhat risky publicity stunt. It included Swiss physicist, inventor and explorer, Auguste Piccard. When he took his Bathyscape deep-diving submarine down to a mind-bending depth of 3,131.8.

What can be said about the Rolex Submariner, reference 116610LV, aka the 'Hulk' that has not been said before? Nine years after its launch it is still as sought after as ever, commanding a premium on the secondary market and, whilst it is not as rare as it used to be (as a result of numbers purchased over a period of time, not an increase in production), it always attracts a knowing glance. La montre Rolex Submariner 16610 : dont la production est arrêtée rentre en collection. La montre Rolex Submariner Kermit : lunette verte et cadran noir; La montre Rolex Submariner Hulk : lunette et cadran verts ; Comme toutes les montres disponibles sur Collector Square, les montres Rolex Submariner Date sont intégralement examinées, expertisées, révisées et garanties 1 an par nos.

He then said when questioning his rolex rep as to why they hadn't had a hulk in 18 months, his rep said because there is something new on the way. Watch this space. You probably won't get another hulk as it's being discontinued. Has anyone heard anything similar? 10 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be. C'est vrai qu'à première vue, on pourrait croire que Rolex redéploie sa production (volontairement limitée) vers les marchés émergés : Amérique latine, Asie, Moyen-Orient. Problème : Rolex est historiquement très présent sur ces marchés, en fait la stratégie de conquête mondiale de Rolex date des années 60-70 A Hong Kong, les Rolex pullulent, c'est le rêve de Séguela

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S ince the Kermit Rolex isn't in production anymore, the Kermit Rolex 16610LV price is higher. However, if you are looking to purchase the Hulk, you will have to wait as they have a massive wait list to purchase it, as they are in very high demand Rolex (136) TAG Heuer (3) Ulysse Nardin (1) Vacheron Constatin; Zenith (1) Tous les bijoux. Nouveau. Colliers; Bracelets d'or (62) Colliers d'or (84) pendentifs en or (67) Chaînes d'or; boucles d'oreilles en or (319) Anneaux d'or brillant (2) Bague femme en or (1) Bagues en or pour hommes; Bijoux en or; Pendentifs (3) Boucles d'oreilles; Bagues (1) Bracelets d'argent; Colliers. It's not just the dial colors and cases that separate these two models: While the Kermit has an aluminum bezel inlay, the Hulk's bezel inlay is made of Rolex's proprietary Cerachrom ceramic. This makes the Hulk's bezel much more scratch-resistant. Otherwise, these two models are quite similar. Both are made of stainless steel and have a so-called maxi dial with enlarged, glow-in-the-dark. Rolex doesn't actually do anything to restrict supply, but it also made a conscious decision not to increase production of steel watches (beyond the normal planned volumes) in order to meet demand. With three brand-new all-steel Rolex Submariner watches (including this 124060) for 2020, that means enough consumers will be able to probably get at least one of them. Just don't be too picky. *** When Rolex reached the 999,999 production serial in the early 1954s...they restarted the production serial at 100,000 rather than begin a 7 digit number at 1,000,000. During this period Rolex was also putting the date code on the inside of the case backs...so confusing production serials can sometimes have their production date determined. Look for the Roman number I, II, III or IV for the.

Browse results for rolex hulk in our Watches on Carousell Philippines. Brand new and used for sale. Chat to buy Rolex Hulk Submariner 116610LV Green Dial 2020 Box & Papers $ 23,999. Free shipping. Verified Dealer. 11. US. Rolex Submariner Date Green Bezel/Dial Hulk 116610LV NEW 2020 $ 22,000. Free shipping. Verified Dealer. 65. US. Rolex Submariner Date 41mm Kermit Green 2020 New 126610LV $ 22,000. Free shipping. Verified Dealer. 1337. US. Rolex Submariner Hulk $ 18,800. Free shipping. Verified Dealer.

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Rolex Submariner ref 116610LV Hulk and Submariner Black Market trend. Hulk is definitely the hottest topics of the 2nd half of the year. The dealer price is keeping increased from $69,000, $70,000, $71,800, $74,000, and now the latest dealer price is HK$84,000 but no stock available Hands on with aka the kermit Rolex Submariner 16610Lv vs the newer aka Hulk Rolex Submariner 116610Lv Ceramic both these watches are great watches loved my many. The kermit was launched in 2003 and finished production in 2010 when Rolex launched the Submariner Hulk version. I remember in 2003/4 the kermit was not blowing people away looked a little odd with green bezel compared to. Post-annonce officielle. Le 23 août 2019 : À la D23 Expo 2019, Kevin Feige annonce que Marvel Studios développe une série live-action sur Miss-Hulk pour Disney+.; Le 8 novembre 2019: Le Hollywood Reporter révèle que Jessica Gao sera la showrunneuse de la série.; Le 8 décembre 2019: Kevin Feige révèle que la série devrait achever sa production pour fin 2020 Up for sale is a 2018 Rolex Rolex Submariner 116010LV Hulk watch in mint condition. Includes full set box and papers. Photos are of actual watch and accessories. Reference number 116610LV Brand Rolex Model Submariner Date Movement Automatic Case material Steel Bracelet material Steel Year of production 2018 Please no time wasters, genuine enquiry only Rolex 116610LV 綠水鬼 in Taiwan 歡迎訂閱、分享 Photographer: 吉他腳 GuitarFeet Copyright: 吉他腳 GuitarFeet Rolex 116610LV 綠水鬼.

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Rolex. Hulk. à partir de 15.008 € Rolex. Kermit. à partir de 11.448 € Rolex. Submariner Or blanc. à partir de 29.081 € Rolex. Submariner James Bond. à partir de 16.444 € Rolex. Red Sub. à partir de 13.594 € Rolex. Submariner Sultan. à partir de 8.790 € Rolex. Submariner Diamants. à partir de 7.190 € Rolex Submariner : la montre des agents secrets et des pilotes. À sa. The Rolex 5510 was in production in 1959 and is the rarest watch among the big crown vintage Rolex Submariner watches. The watch was only produced for one or two years, and this means that the number of examples made is limited, making the demand for them extremely high, and the prices equally so. It was only made for a short time as it was then replaced by the 5512 and 5513 which featured. La Rolex Submariner Hulk a un diamètre de 40 mm, une largeur de patte de 48 mm, une épaisseur de 12,5 mm et des pattes de 20 mm. La résistance à l'eau est évaluée à 300M. Construite à partir d'acier inoxydable 904L, elle est associée à un bracelet Oyster avec un fermoir Oysterlock et au système d'extension breveté Glidelock qui permet d'ajuster la montre à une combinaison. Rolex annonce le palmarès des Prix Rolex à l'esprit d'entreprise ; Au plus profond des abysses, Rolex écrit l'histoire, une fois encore ; La Giraglia Rolex Cup ; La Giraglia Rolex Cup ouvre la saison estivale à Saint-Tropez; Giraglia Rolex Cup ; Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters; 23 janvier 1960 : le bathyscaphe Trieste et Rolex atteignent 10 916 mètres de profondeur; Ouverture d'un espace. Rolex has halted their production so green submariners are not being made and who knows, might even be discontinued; rumours may become true after September! MINT condition Rolex submariner warranty card dated sept 2019. Comes with box and papers, spare link and all the tags and this is definitely an INVESTMENT. Receipt can be given on request and also a watch register certificate provided to.

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Retrouvez tout le casting du film L'Incroyable Hulk réalisé par Louis Leterrier avec Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt Browse results for rolex submariner date hulk in our Watches on Carousell Singapore. Brand new and used for sale. Chat to buy Rolex watches discontinued in 2019 shows those pieces that wandered off into the sunset this year. Snapping up a recently discontinued model can be an attractive gamble for those with one eye on a possible financial return

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Rolex Submariner 16610LV - REAL NOS - OUT OF PRODUCTION. 23.600 € Vendeur particulier . Rolex Submariner Kermit Full Stickered Rare Random Serial. 31.317 € Professionnel certifié. 270. UK. Rolex Submariner Date Green Bezel Fat Four series F43. 25.000 € Professionnel certifié. 70. IT. Rolex Submariner 16610LV MK1 Fat Four F Series NEW NOS Full... 29.950 € Professionnel certifié. 306. Home; Produits; montre; Rolex Oyster Submariner Steel Hulk Green Bezel 40 m

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Rolex Submariner Hulk The Hulk features a green ceramic bezel and green dial which separates it from the classic Submariner. While the Hulk is not a limited edition, it could stop production at any time. Rolex has continued to make this watch as it has become extremely popular, however, there will likely be an endpoint to its production. While the retail price of this watch is. Even though it is not a rare watch, the Submariner Hulk 116610LV, which retails at EUR 8,300/USD 9,050, is impossible to find on the second-hand market without a premium. Expect to pay around EUR 14,500/USD 15,000 for a used model with box and papers - and add 1K to the total for an unworn model. This makes a 75% premium over retail. Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel 326934. The last watch in.

Rolex Submariner Date "Hulk" Stainless Steel Green DialUPDATED: Went Seiko CRAZY this week! SBBN011, SBBN007

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is a line of sports watches designed for diving and manufactured by Rolex, and are known for their resistance to water and corrosion. The first Submariner was introduced to the public in 1954 at the Basel Watch Fair.The Rolex Submariner is considered a classic among wristwatches, manufactured by one of the most widely recognized luxury brands in the world Une Rolex acier est donc le bon choix puisque on trouve encore beaucoup de montres à moins de 10 000€. Une Rolex Submariner verte en acier dite « Hulk » qui prend beaucoup de valeur. Si, par contre, vous acheter une montre en or, vous risquez une importante décote en plus de devoir payer la montre plusieurs dizaines de milliers d'euros. De plus, les métaux précieux sont une histoire. There is a Rolex Submariner Date model, however, which many suggest will be discontinued this year, and that's the popular Ref 116610LV, better known as the Hulk. Introduced in 2010 as an evolution of sorts of the 50 th anniversary 16610LV (nicknamed the Kermit), the Hulk pairs a green dial with a green ceramic bezel

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Rolex (101) TAG Heuer (3) Ulysse Nardin (1) Vacheron Constatin; Zenith (1) Tous les bijoux. Nouveau. Colliers; Bracelets d'or (62) Colliers d'or (84) pendentifs en or (67) Chaînes d'or; boucles d'oreilles en or (319) Anneaux d'or brillant (2) Bague femme en or (1) Bagues en or pour hommes; Bijoux en or; Pendentifs (3) Boucles d'oreilles; Bagues (1) Bracelets d'argent; Colliers. Rolex 116610LV Hulk et Rolex Kermit - Comparaison des prix En 2010, la fabrication de la Rolex Kermit a été arrêtée et remplacée par la Rolex 116610LV Hulk, dont le cadran était vert en plus de la lunette verte du Kermit. Au fil des ans, les deux modèles ont gagné de plus en plus de fans. Ce pourquoi, il est possible que vous. Rolex submariner hulk Buat Kalian Yang Udah Nyempetin. Rolex. Hulk. à partir de 14 868 € Rolex. Kermit. à partir de 11 448 € Rolex. Submariner Or blanc. à partir de 29 081 € Rolex. Submariner James Bond. à partir de 17 000 € Rolex. Red Sub. à partir de 12 900 € Rolex. Submariner Sultan. à partir de 8 790 € Rolex. Submariner Diamants. à partir de 7 190 € Rolex Submariner : la montre des agents secrets et des pilotes. À sa. Abonnez-vous. Accueil / The Bull Collection / Lot N° 2

Prototype Rolex 50th Anniversary LV Submariner This is a

Production output. More than 800,000 pieces (2016) Revenue: $4.6 billion (2016) Number of employees. 6,000+ Parent: Hans Wilsdorf foundation: Subsidiaries: Montres Tudor SA: Website: rolex.com: Rolex SA (/ ˈ r oʊ l ɛ k s /) is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. Originally founded as Wilsdorf and Davis by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England in 1905. Hulk (aussi connu sous le nom de The Hulk et dans certains pays comme The Incredible Hulk) est un film américain réalisé par Ang Lee, sorti en 2003. C'est l'adaptation de Hulk, personnage de fiction de Marvel Comics, créé par Stan Lee et Jack Kirby. Le film explore les origines de Hulk, qui sont principalement attribuables à des expériences que le D r David Banner a menées sur lui.

Rolex Serial Numbers & Production Dates Lookup Chart Bob

Alors que le casting de Mark Ruffalo en tant que Hulk a toujours été critiqué dès le départ, le Avengers star a prouvé que les opposants avaient tort et a laissé leurs mâchoires lâchées avec ses compétences fascinantes.. Alors que son jeu en tant que Bruce Banner et le Ponton est l'une des parties les plus aimées de la franchise, l'acteur continue d'être époustouflé d. C'est bien simple, 2020 est quasiment une année vierge en termes de productions Marvel. Pour rappel, Black Widow devait introduire la phase quatre en mai 2020, suivie de près par Le Faucon et le Soldat de l'Hiver sur Disney+. Même The Eternals, les successeurs potentiels des Avengers, devaient débarquer au cinéma dès le mois de novembre. Finalement, seule WandaVision aura la chance.

Rolex had already ceased production of the white gold Sky-Dweller ref. 326139 with a leather strap back in 2018 and as of 2020, the Everose gold Sky-Dweller ref. 326135 and Yellow gold Sky-Dweller ref. 326138 have also been discontinued. Discontinued Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches in 2020. Perhaps the most surprising move on Rolex's part is the discontinuation of the popular Oyster Perpetual. Browse results for rolex hulk on Carousell Philippines. Brand new and used for sale. Chat to buy

Over Priced Rolex Hulk 2019 . S$25,000. Limited edition Rolex Hulk. 1 of probably +100,000 made, short production run of only +10 years. Get yours quick as they will only replicate this again in 10 years... So I'm jumping on the hulk sell off I have an over priced Rolex hulk LNIB for sale full set. Not rare not hard to get and with. Un marché en plein essor comme celui des montres Rolex a pour conséquence fortuite d'encourager la production et la vente de contrefaçons à des acheteurs peu avertis. S'il est parfois très simple de détecter une fausse (par exemple, une reproduction pourra ne pas comporter le fameux logo à la couronne, ou elle paraîtra bien trop légère et fragile), l'examen d'un expert est. Nevertheless, Maslany's role in the Marvel Disney+ series is one of much intrigue. Details surrounding her character are still scant, though they should begin trickling in as production ramps up. Marvel has its' sights set on completing Falcon And The Winter Soldier and WandaVision first, but afterward, the company's focus will be on She-Hulk Rolex Submariner Date Hulk Oystersteel Men's Watch 116610LV-0002. Rolex Submariner Date Green Dial Men's Watch 116610LV-0002. Rolex Submariner Men's Luxury Diver Watch Black Dial 114060-0002. Rolex Sky-Dweller Yellow Gold Men's Watch 326138-0006. Rolex Sky-Dweller Gold Watch 326138-0003. Rolex Pearlmaster Solid 18k Gold Diamond Women's Watch 80318. Rolex GMT-Master II Batman Men's Watch.

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